Thursday, 1 April 2010


An interesting challenge - someone gives you one word as the theme for a short story. Two weeks later, what have you got?
As a teaser, here are the first few lines. If you want to read more go to:


About three years ago

"Deke. C'm'nd have a look at this."
"What you got?"
"Not sure. Need you to take a look."
They look. On the fizzing screen in front of them, ahead of the Lander, is a strange, bulbous outcrop.
"What's the scale here?"
"Close. Close in. Thing's about five, maybe six inches across."
"Tracked this quadrant before and no record of it. Could have blown in on a wind, 's small enough."
"Haven't probed it yet, but it doesn't look like standard Mars rock. It's kinda shiny. Waxy."
"OK. Approach. Have a dig. See what it is."

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