Monday, 5 September 2011

Another comics update

Two more bits of groovy comics news:

I've had a piece accepted for this year's Hallowscream, an online anthology of sweet and innocent tales of loveliness (erm...). Delighted that Louis Carter is putting pencil to paper on it. Publication date - Halloween 2011 (obviously). Keep an eye on the Back from the Depths website here - you can also download the 2010 anthology which featured a gently little tale called Windle, written by yours truly and drawn by some bloke called Boyle.

And secondly, the lovely Owen Watts is now putting together the second edition of Dr WTF!? and has kindly allowed me to graduate from a one-pager last time round to five whole pages this time. Naturally, I have repaid him by producing a story partly set in a toilet, but what do you expect? This one will, I hear, be drawn by Pete Wood. This one I think will come to see the world at Bristol Comic Con next May.

More soon :-)

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