Monday, 15 August 2011

Patience rewarded (I hope)

Because you have all been so lovely and patient, I've decided to upload two stories for you today - how generous am I!?

First up this stand-alone story called The Scene. It starts like this:

So it's late, ten or half ten maybe, and me and Tommy and Chris are out, and we're in Soho and the streets are full of people and cars and scooters and we stop to look at the scooters and there are girls, “man, the girls” is what we say, and we look at the girls but only carefully so they can't see us looking.

And Tommy says he can get us into the Scene Club and that's where we're headed because that's where they're playing, the greatest rock and roll band in the world: the Rolling Stones. And Tommy says he can get us in because his sister who's older is seeing a guy who knows the man who drives the van with all the Stones' equipment in, all the guitars and the amps, and they say there's always whisky and beer in the van in case anyone gets thirsty and when they first started out the band would travel in the back of the van with all the instruments but they don't any more because now they're successful and they have a car.


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